Idesign will host seminars at Persontrafikmässan

Idesign will host seminars at Persontrafikmässan

Älvsjö, 22-24 October, Stand C09:21

We want to share our experience from collaborative projects we have worked on to raise design issues in public transportation to a higher level. Our mission is to make more people want to travel together by making the trip more comfortable, beautiful and easier. Between the lectures you can have some food and something to drink. In order for this to work, we need your reservation. Email to book lunch and what seminar or day you are interested in participating in. The talks will be in swedish, but we will be more than happy to discuss any of these topics at other times as well.

In our booth there will also be material & colour samples and lighting examples to show exactly what design can affect. Some suppliers will be present to show samples of their materials and solutions. We will also showcase a new innovative train table with a patented solution for easier handling of the table tops, designed by us for SJ’s new X2000.



1. Monday 22/10, 11:00

HYPERLOOP – Connecting sweden AND FINLAND BY travelling at 400KM/H.

– Malcolm Sjödahl, Ramböll
We start of by talking about how to travel faster. We have invited Malcolm Sjödahl, the project manager responsible to set up a test run with Hyperloop between Finland and Sweden. Could this be the future mode of transport that replaces trains and flights?

2. Monday 22/10, 13:00

Sitting pretty, and comfortably.

– Johan Larsvall & Nils Löventorn, Idesign
Idesign has been working with seating ergonomics for over 20 years. Partly for Kinnarps, a collaboration which has resulted in over three million chairs being produced based on our designs. Also in the transport area for small and large manufacturer of seats. Here we will tell you about the design process, comfort and aesthetics. We have chairs in the stand that is, or will be, in the Arlanda Express, SL`s C30 and the newly renovated X2000.

3. Tuesday 23/10, 11:00

How can good design make more people travel.

– Johan Ekman, EkmanBuss och Johan Larsvall, Idesign
A program point in the Persontrafikmässans official seminar program. Please register with Persontrafikmässan to take part. The seminar will take place on the big stage instead of in our booth.

4. Tuesday 23/10, 13:00

Using digital solutions to TO VISUALIZE FUTURE VEHICLES.

– Johan Ruben, Industriromantik
See how your design solutions will look before you commit to large investments. CAD and rendering technology have come a long way, and if done correctly you can use Virtual Reality technology to move through a vehicle and get a good picture of how it will look, both onboard and outside. Johan Ruben from Industriromantik will come and show examples of how they work with the visualisation of future solutions.

5. Wednesday 24/10, 11:00

SJ’S FUTURE PLANTS TO attract NEW, AND Keep current passengers.

– Jakob Åhgren, SJ
Jakob Åhgren, product and concept manager at SJ, has a strong passenger focus when it comes to future investments. As part of that work, Idesign has assisted SJ with design in various vehicle projects. Jakob visits our booth and talks about how he works at SJ to lift the perspective and from a holistic viewpoint see how SJ can attract new passengers and retain existing ones.

6. Wednesday 24/10, 13:00


– Staffan Annell, Annells Belysning och Johan Larsvall, Idesign
We are used to lighting a candle when want to make it cosy. We are also used to partying the whole night in the light of our summer nights. The light is our Nordic soul, which is also true when we are travelling. The lighting on board is more important than you might think – partly to create a nice feeling, but also to allow us to do everything we want to do while traveling – entertainment, work and rest.