About us

For us, design is all about collaboration. We work together with our clients to establish the project scope, identify problems and develop solutions that are ready for implementation. We work with a user centered design process that helps us combine the needs of the user and our client to provide the best possible result.

Flexibility is key to providing the best outcomes for our clients. Therefore, our core team often work with a wide network of experts in different areas. This structure permits us to always build a highly competent and efficient team with the best people for the job. As a common touch point, the members of our core team are all Industrial Designers or carriers of multiple competences, as experts in lighting, engineering, prototyping, interior design etc.

If possible our design process include full-scale models to be able to evaluate and test different solutions.

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Mälarvarvsbacken 14
SE-117 33 Stockholm


+46 (0) 8 – 84 04 00

The Team

Johan Larsvall

CEO & Industrial Designer

Nils Löventorn

Partner & Industrial Designer

Björn Fjæstad

Industrial Designer

Work with us

Open application

The nature of the types of projects we work on means that we have a varied need for different competencies and capacity. As such, we are constantly looking for driven and skilled people to work with us. If you are curious about us and the type of work that we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we want to hear from you!


At Idesign we typically have two internship periods – Spring (January – May) and Autumn (August-December). For the spring period, the application process closes on November 30’th and for the autumn period it’s May 31’st. If you have any questions, or want to apply, please get in touch with us at info@idesign.se. To apply, send us an email with your portfolio, CV, and a short text about yourself. Please put “Internship [Spring/Autumn] [Year]” in the title.