Lelle & Boo – TEC



Lelle is a helmet for younger children, designed to fit a small head perfectly. Lelle was developed together with experts, to achieve a more precise head form for children. This knowledge was implemented in the design of the helmet to improve the comfort, a very important aspect when it comes to children accepting the helmet. In the end, the safest helmet is one that your child wants to use.

The helmet has a timeless, yet playful aesthetic that was achieved by combining aspects of scandinavian design with details that strengthen safety and comfort. The hole pattern is carefully considered to provide good ventilation and still match the minimalistic overall impression.

Boo was designed to attract young users to wear a helmet that looks less childish with a more skate aesthetic. During the development process, it became clear from experts that injuries to face and teeth is a big issue. Therefore, the helmet comes with an optional chin bar. The helmet comes with an integrated backlight to provide extra visibility in traffic.

The design of the helmet is based on geometric transversal holes that results in a unique and cool, yet minimalistic aesthetic. The overall shape of the helmet was kept smooth to reduce the risk of the helmet catching on the ground in case of an accident.

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(Images courtesy of Cycleurope, © Cycleurope)