Duo – Kronan



Kronan started its business with developing and selling bikes. They built a brand around an icon, based on a robust and durable bike that most people recognize.

It became a widespread success; the military green cycle became a part of the cityscape in several cities. The goal of this project was to translate this success to another product area – prams. We were given the brief to develop a robust stroller that reflected the Kronan brand; a simple, wear-resistant and user-friendly pram with inflatable tires.

Early in the process, we had the idea of integrating carrying handles on the opposite side of the driver to help lift the wagon in stairs, onto a bus, or to avoid obstacles. We also designed a folding mechanism that made the cart more compact than anything in the market with the same structure. These user-focused solutions, in combination with a clean aesthetic resulted in a successful product and helped establish Kronan in a new market.

Duo is a good example of how we work with design; a durable, functional and usable product, filled with innovative details and designed with meticulous attention to detail. This gives it a strong character, and a chance to last and stay relevant trough the years.