Drip drop – Arlanda Express


Arlanda Express

Not only does Arlanda Express operate its train service to Arlanda Airport, but also the station for local and regional trains; Arlanda Central Station.

It was a delightful challenge to create a comfortable design that handles heavy usage, while still reflecting care and an interesting form. The name Drip Drop comes from the drop shaped backrest in solid oak, siking into the concrete gables. With a subtle bulge in the concrete, it looks as if the backrest is pressed into soft concrete. The drop shaped back provides good support for comfortable sitting, both regarding back angle and lumbar support.

The oak backrests have been milled by Linjon and their CAD/CAM-controlled milling machine. Likewise the molds for the gables, which were cast in concrete. We see the essence of the design as a representative of pairing aesthetics with comfort. The benches truly reflect the Scandinavian heritage of design that is durable in both material and form.

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