Bicycle Lanes for Stockholm



This project was carried out with economic support from Skytlfonden.

This project started out with the idea to stack bicycle lanes on top of each other to enable dual bike lanes in places where it wouldn’t normally be possible. For several reasons, this proved to be unfeasible. From there, the project pivoted to finding places where creative thinking could be applied to solve specific trouble spots by taking advantage of the existing conditions, such as inclines and existing infrastructure.

The first outcome was a concept to add an extra bridge at Västerbroplan to reduce dangerous interactions between bicyclists and pedestrians/cars.

The second concept was to hang a bicycle bridge on the rockface at Stadsgården. This separates the bicyclists from the cars, as well as having the added benefit of creating a bicycle lane with a truly spectacualr view.

Another important aspect to this project has been that the developed solutions should be attractive and playful. In addition to solving traffic issues, these concepts should serve as visual reminders that Stockholm is a sustainable city that values bicyclists.