Benches that are visible and inviting. That was the brief when Arlanda Express wanted seating for their platforms at Arlanda airport. And that was what Idesign had in mind when designing ”Sticks”.
The inspirational idea for the ”Sticks” benches is a curved, conversation sofa – but in gigantic scale. You should be able to sit on each side of the rolling backrest, made out of oak sticks. This way you get your own little space and can also choose on which side of the platform you wish to sit. The seating is in solid oak, a material that lasts over time both physically and experientially; it is durable and classic.
The idea came up in a first sketch of an S-shaped lump of clay, which was provided with a backrest made of round wooden sticks. Based on this, sketches were made in 3D in order to create images to portray the concept. When presented to Arlanda Express, it was received with enthusiasm over the expression and functionality.
Then came the hard part: to realize the bench backrest. The pins could only be place correctly by using an advanced, giant 5-axis milling machine. We did this with the eminent milling machine owned by Linjon at Djurgårdsvarvet. They also made the plugs for the concrete foundations, molded in GRP.
The next adventure was transportating the pieces. Only at night they could be brought to the platforms.
Now people sit in the platforms more than ever before. It feels like a good rating of the benches.