Client: Kinnarps

Leia is a brand new family of chairs for Kinnarps. When it comes to Kinnarps, ergonomics and functionality is always a top priority. At the base of the brief was a long list of requirements the chair needed to fulfill. It was supposed to be stackable up to 40 chairs and have a timeless, modern and Scandinavian appearance. The ergonomics needed to be good for both active and relaxed sitting postures. It also had to work well in large groups and be adaptable for all types of environments with different legs, fabrics and armrests.

With Leia we wanted to take Scandinavian design to the edge. It is based on what we believe is one of the foundations of Scandinavian design: form follows funktion.

Every angle is there for a reason, meticulously crafted. 
The result is a chair with excellent sitting comfort, while naturally blending in to different environments with its minimalistic and architectural style.
Leia is a product building on its many details. Altogether, these details make function and aesthetics blend perfectly and meet Kinnarp’s ambitious goals. A timeless Scandinavian chair.